3 locations: Liège, Brussels, Marseille

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Our agency in Liège

Radiance35 is headquartered in Liège. At present, this office is in charge of projects in Belgium, and more specifically in Wallonia.

Our agency in Brussels

This Brussels office was initially set up to oversee the colossal construction of the Grand-Place in Brussels. For some years now, in addition to projects in Brussels, this office has also been responsible for projects in Flanders.

Our agency in Marseille

Radiance35 Sud is the French branch of Radiance35 created in 2021. Based in Marseille, it operates in Switzerland and France. It specializes in participative approaches.

Our skills


1. Light and social cohesion

highlighting places where people meet and socialize
highlighting “forgotten” places

2. Light and preserving biodiversity

preserving the sky and reducing light pollution by recommending suitable color temperatures, dimming, extinction, etc.
integrating the preservation of ecological networks, dark zones and starry skies for biodiversity at night, taking into account “black grids”.

This twofold competence is addressed through in-depth exchanges with numerous experts, as well as the practice of various participatory processes whose methodology has been refined over the years and which are developed on a “made-to-measure” basis:

citizens’ meetings (indoor)
on-site workshops and experiments
night-time exploratory walks
active walking
lighting guerrilla

Fields of action

1. Night-time urban planning studies

lighting plans for larger or smaller
(neighborhood, town or city)
integration of network preservation
temporal studies (which areas are lit and until when?) and strategic implementation studies (phasing of interventions, etc.)
support for studies to identify areas of conflict between artificial light and biodiversity corridors, or to go further with the study and implementation of “black grids”.

2. Lighting projects

Heritage lighting
study and illuminate heritage sites or buildings


Landscape and urban lighting
design and illumination of landscape sites (parks, riverbanks, etc.)
design and illumination of urban sites (streets, squares, neighborhoods, etc.)
design and illumination of engineering structures (bridges, tunnels, etc.)


Event lighting
event lighting, Christmas lighting, participation in the organization of festivals.


3. Project management assistance

assistance to towns and municipalities in drawing up specifications or assisting with studies
coaching various partners in methodological processes
participation in competition juries


4. Communication

regular conferences around the world (Belgium, Switzerland, France, USA, Mexico, Russia, etc.)
courses and training sessions are


Équipe de direction

Équipe des collaborateurs