Radiance 35

Urbanisme. Lumière. Lighting. Design.



Radiance35 is a Belgian nocturnal urbanism agency, working internationally.
The city, the landscape and its users are at the centre of its concerns.

Founded by Isabelle Corten in 2001, today the agency boasts a team of nearly 10 strong who carry out numerous projects ranging from nocturnal urban planning studies such as Light Plans, to projects for the illumination of buildings and sites of various scales.

Radiance35 is first and foremost a committed team composed of mutually complementary personalities. It approaches its work with passion through a methodology that has been tried and tested over many years. Convinced by light as a vector of communication, participation is at the heart of its reflections to understand the territory and the user (human beings but also the flora and fauna). Radiance35 wants to understand how a space evolves, to be on the ground, meet the occupants, engage in dialogue with all the project’s stakeholders, observe, research and experiment so as to shape quality nocturnal landscapes with optimal comfort for all.

Light is a matter of social cohesion.
Controlling it to protect all users and our environment is an essential challenge when it comes to tackling today’s environmental and climate stakes.

Isabelle Corten is the president of cLSF (concepteurs Lumière Sans Frontières), a founding member of SLM (Social Light Movement) and a member of LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International)


Which distinctive features ?

A dual “social and ecological” competence through various participatory processes.
Focused on understanding the night and all its users, but also on the need to adapt to the technical demands of its different interlocutors, Radiance35 is particularly keen on developing the following two themes in the course of Its projects:

1. Light and social cohesion

> the lighting of meeting places and conviviality
> the lighting of “forgotten” places

2. Light and the preservation of biodiversity

> the preservation of the sky and reduction of light pollution through recommendations on appropriate color temperatures, dimming, extinction, etc.
> the integration of the preservation of ecological networks, dark areas and starry skies for biodiversity at night by taking into account the “black grids”.

This dual competence is approached in particular through nourished exchanges with numerous experts as well as the practice of various participatory and educational processes the methodology of which has been refined over the years :

  • the citizens’ meeting (in the classroom)
  • the workshop and on-site experiments
  • night-time exploratory walk
  • active walking
  • lighting guerrilla
  • etc.


Radiance35 responds and designs quality studies covering four main categories

1. Nocturnal urban studies

> lighting plans for larger or smaller areas (district, municipality or city)
> temporal studies (which areas are lit and until when?) and strategic implementation studies (phasing of interventions, etc.)
> guidance and support for the study implementation of “black grids”

2. Lighting projects

Heritage lighting

> study and lighting of heritage sites and buildings

Landscape and urban lighting

> study and lighting of landscape sites (parks, riverbanks, etc.)
> study and lighting of urban sites (streets, squares, districts, etc.)
> study and lighting of engineering structures (bridges, tunnels, etc.)

Event lighting

> event lighting, Christmas lighting, participation in the organization of festivals

3. Project management assistance

> assistance to cities and municipalities in drawing up specifications or guidance and support for the implementation of studies
> coaching various partners in the methodological processes
> participation in competition panels

4. Communication

> Lectures given regularly all over the world (Belgium, Switzerland, France, the USA, Mexico, Russia, Haiti, etc.)
> courses and training are given to various groups (students, professionals in the field, etc.)




Équipe de direction

équipe des collaborateurs