Pumping station, Amay


  • Contracting authority :

    A.I.D.E. (Intermunicipal Association)

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“Water story”

The higlighting project of the pumping station comes from its integration in the landscape, with a work on water and plant life; from its architectural design with a work on the object, enhancing the volumes more than the textures; from its uses, with a focus on the pumps activity and the quays’ attendance.

The riverbanks are steeped in white and blue light that «unhooks» the trees from the building with a backlighting. Its cold colours enhance the green of the trees. From the Meuse river and its right banks, these trees are seen as shadow puppets.

The windows are lighted from the inside with a white light to show the life inside the building. 

The plants and its gabion wall make the perspective even more interesting.

Photo credits : Radiance35