Saint-Jacques neighbourhood, Brussels

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  • Contracting authority :

    City of Bruxelles and Atrium

  • Years :


  • Project manager :

    Radiance35 in collaboration with the artist collective «ZimmerFrei»

“Throughout the walls”

The lighting Plan of the Saint-Jacques neighbourhood in Brussels aims to create a lighting path in the neighbourhood.

A three-pronged approach :

  • A new public lighting
  • Standardized shop windows
  • Scenographic lighting

This gives a specificity to the neighbourhood, a real link between its history and what it has become today. 

The scenographic lighting is designed as a real artistic intervention, with images projected along the way, like a treasure hunt, inviting visitors to look up at these remarkable buildings, in collaboration with the Italian artists’ collective «ZimmerFrei».

This project was awarded the 2013 ACE Special Jury Prize.

Photo credits : Radiance35