The neighbourhood «De Vrijheid», Renaix

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  • Contracting authority :

    Stad of Renaix

  • Years :

    2016 - 2020

  • Project manager :


“Between nature and industry”

The lighting project of the “de vrijheid” historic neighborhood in Renaix consists of an overall reflection on the entire perimeter (masterplan), which was followed by a technical development in several phases until completion. 

The lighting project is made of a total renovation of the surrounding public lighting. Public lights were replaced by white lighting sources which are more efficient and comfortable for users. The project also includes the illumination of several “landmarks” in the neighborhood, based on three main themes: 

  • Highlighting the heritage on the landscape scale ;
  • Highlighting the landmarks along the walks that crisscross the neighborhood, according to the themes “History and industry” and “Nature”;
  • Mark the boundaries of this once autonomous neighborhood.
Photo credits : Radiance35