The International Olympic Committee Park, Lausanne


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    Olympic Museum Foundation represented by Atelier du Paysage Jean-Yves LE BARON SARL

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“The light track”

The various elements of the Olympic Park, which opens onto the Quai d’Ouchy and Lake Geneva, are highlighted in order to strengthen the lake/park/museum links and identify the park in the Lausanne landscape.

The illumination of the new main axis, which connects the Lake Geneva to the Olympic Museum, by the lighting of the statues installed along the way, punctuates the climb and reinforces the assertion of this grand staircase’s importance.  The illumination of the fountain at the southern entrance creates a link between the park and the lake, recalling its «riverside park» character, while that of the new museum and its forecourt at the top of the main axis forms a «backdrop» that completes the ascent from the lake.

The general public lighting is also reviewed.

Photo credits : Radiance35