Kaaitheater, Brussels


  • Contracting authority :

    Brussels-capital region

  • Years :


  • Project manager :

    Radiance35 and Martin Lefrancq

The Kaaitheater (formerly known as Lunatheater) was built between 1929 and 1932 in a style between Art Deco and modernism by the architect Marcel Driesmans. The building reflected an interesting urban planning option combining living, working and leisure facilities in a single complex.

The illumination of the Kaaitheater is one of the first achievements of the Brussels-Capital Region’s Lighting Plan, along with the lighting of three bridges over the canal and the Royal Church of Sainte-Marie.

The aim was to create a sober lighting scheme, using lines of light to emphasise the Art Deco architecture and recall the neon lights of the 1930s. The coloured lines at the bottom change colour according to the place’s activity.

Photo credits : Radiance35