Woluwe-Saint-Lambert lighting plan (Brussels)

" Between hills and vales ”


Client : Municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Years : 2013-2014

Design team : Radiance 35 ScPRL

Scope of appointment : Full appointment (scheme design)

Woluwe-Saint-Lambert lighting plan (Brussels)

Located within the region of Brussels-Capital, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert is undergoing major urban development. The objective of this Lighting Plan is to complement this development and preserve an exceptional living environment.

The orientations of this project are :

  • To define the general trends of a lighting development plan and establish an order of priorities.
  • To create a setting for improving the general ambience, highlighting specific locations and showcasing heritage.
  • To highlight the urban structure and improve its legibility.

The first of these builds on the importance of the relief defining urban arteries and polarities. The second affirms the vitality of the municipality and its contrasts. Associated with this is the idea of using specific lighting to underline the urban complexes that make up the city.

The structure of the final Lighting Plan is established according to the qualification of landmarks, for a close and distant view, and the composition of a lighting background with the description of tones, layouts and models for the future street lighting.