Lighting scheme for railway underpass, Jette, Brussels

" Color paths "


Client : Municipality of Jette (Brussels)

Year : 2016

Design team : Radiance 35, ScPRL

Scope of assignment : Full appointment (design and implementation)

Lighting scheme for railway underpass, Jette, Brussels

As part of the Jette Municipal Lighting Plan, the lighting of the railway underpass is linked to the municipal square, place Cardinal Mercier, where the lighting of the Town Hall, the church and the station have also been designed by Radiance 35. The underpass linking the station to this square therefore forms part of a global lighting design scheme.

The first objective was to make the passage through the underpass more convivial and reassuring, both by day and by night. It was essential to provide special vandal-proof light fixtures.

The lighting concept was to create a passage between these two locations that was enjoyable to walk through by turning this underground space into a work of art. The aim sought was, through a play of colours, to   achieve a psychological shortening of this somewhat forbidding space.

Colour is primordial, it transforms the space and gives even the graffiti another dimension. They appear to form an integral part of the structure.

There, the rhythm of white and orange almost recalls a seaside resort!

Another challenge in this place was to find vandal-proof equipment and fittings, as they are frequently situated within arm's reach.

The technical solution developed by Sibelga and LEC Lyon perfectly meets these requirements with an assembly of high-performance, robust equipment.

Custom-made stainless steel housings, protecting against possible vandalism, 80 LED linear light bars (5633-Arches) with L4 optics (40 warm white and 40 amber) together with all the electrical and electronic equipment (power supplies, drivers, connections, cables).