Huy lighting plan

“Huy, a balance between ridges and valleys”


Client : City of Huy

Years : 2014-2015 (in progress)

Design team : Radiance 35, ScPRL

Scope of appointment : Full appointment (design and implementation)

Huy lighting plan

The vast area of the Municipality of Huy loses all legibility at night due to lack of the apparent logic in the distribution of the different sources and the different types of lighting fixtures.

The lighting plan proposes to clarify the nocturnal legibility of the urban fabric by redefining the street lighting, locality by locality, translating into the following themes:

  • Give preference to neutral white or warm white lighting
  • Strengthen the identity of neighbourhoods
  • Highlight the main arteries
  • Modernise the models

The lighting of landmarks is built up through a framework consisting of:

  • Nearby and distant heritage landmarks (relating the history of the city or telling stories),
  • Landscape landmarks (formed by the green belt),
  • Urban links forming the city's backbone,
  • Landmarks created by the centres of villages and
  • The landmarks of major spaces.

The preliminary design phase currently in progress will lead to a lighting scheme for the Grand-Place and its town hall in 2016 to celebrate the two-hundredth anniversary of its construction.