Saint Leonard Bridge lighting scheme


Client : City of Liège

Year : 2009

Design team : Isabelle CORTEN and Jean-Pierre MAJOT, temporary partnership 

Scope of appointment : Full appointment (design and implementation)


Saint Leonard Bridge lighting scheme

The lighting scheme for the second of the city’s bridges (after the Footbridge) does not highlight the architecture of the bridge, which is of little interest in itself, but instead plays with the reflection of blue light on the surface of the water.

Proposals are also made for the pedestrian walkway. Lighting is also proposed along a section of the pedestrian walkway on the “Ravel” riverside walk side, with “showers of white light” marking its passage under the bridge.

The bridge deck, which is accessible to pedestrians, cyclists and cars, is lit on both sides by lamp posts fitted with blue bulbs that create a very special atmosphere as people pass beneath them.