Bouillon lighting plan (Province of Luxembourg)

" Stories, views, materials "


Client : Town of Bouillon

Years : 2011-2012

Design team : Radiance 35 (Isabelle CORTEN)

Scope of appointment : Full appointment (scheme design)

Bouillon lighting plan (Province of Luxembourg)

The idea of the Bouillon lighting plan is to tell stories: that of the great individuals and the citizens who shaped the town, those of the views and landscapes (magnificent promontory in the bend of a river), those of the textures and materials (slate roofs, white rendered or ochre-coloured stone facades), those of the ever-present water and plants.

A light trail will highlight all of these stories not only through the “major” heritage sites such as the castle, the church or the town hall, but also the “minor” heritage features such as certain roofs, a wall, an alleyway, all within a setting of water and greenery magnified by the light.

Each year, a festive light trail with help from a collaborating artist will add a cheerful touch to the permanent lighting display.