Marché aux Fromages street in Brussels illumination


Client : City of Brussels

Years : 2010-2012

Design team : Radiance 35, ScPRL

Scope of appointment : Full appointment (design and implementation)

Marché aux Fromages street in Brussels illumination

The rue Marché aux Fromages, is a unique, very lively tourist street in the heart of Brussels. It is included within the “Unesco” perimeter and seven of its buildings are listed.

The proposed scheme focuses on three points. Firstly, the project conducted in parallel by Atrium involves harmonising the shop fronts and shop signs. Secondly, the public lighting is re-designed (light fittings of the same type as those of the Grand-Place, and existing orange-yellow light sources replaced with white sources).

Finally, graceful, graphic, scenographic lighting applied to the upper facades emphasises the essential qualities of the street, namely the wall to opening ratio, the facades and their rhythm. This “musical partition” of vertical linear elements enlivens the streetscape and gives it its unique feel.