Amay Pumping Station lighting scheme

“ A story of water ”


Client : AIDE (Association Intercommunale pour le Démergement et l’Épuration des communes de la province de Liège)

Years : 2012-2013 (in progress)

Design team : Radiance 35, ScPRL

Scope of appointment : Full appointment (design and implementation)

Amay Pumping Station lighting scheme

The lighting scheme for the pumping station derives from its integration within the landscape, by illuminating the water and plants; from its architectural design by picking out the object, highlighting the volume rather than texture; from its uses, emphasising the working pumps and quayside activity.

Water has a predominant place in this project, by virtue of the presence of the Meuse and the very purpose served by the building. We have represented this by means of a blue light varying from deep blue to white as we move down towards the bank. The salient feature in zinc is therefore illuminated with a deep blue light, the gabions with a lighter blue and the bank with a cold white light mixing with the blue.

The white and blue light bathing the bank “detaches” the trees from the building by creating a backlight. Its colours enhance the green of the trees. From the Meuse and its right bank, these trees will be perceived as silhouettes.

By day, the architecture of the building prevents the activity inside the pumping station from being seen. Through the lighting scheme, we wish to give it a totally different dimension at night, by making the light interact with the movement of machines and the people. The windows are lit from inside with a white light to show that there is life in the building.

The west side, in which the building entrance is located, is a more technical area which which is already provided with functional lighting. The lighting on this side serves more as a “beacon” with the dark blue salient zinc feature, also perceptible from the heights of Amay. The east and north façades are more visible from the Ravel pathway, the Meuse river and its right bank. The presence of plants and its gabion wall make the perspective more interesting.