Lighting study for Antwerp zoo


Client: KMDA (Royal Zoological Society of Antwertp)

Year : 2014 (in progress)

Design team: Radiance 35, ScPRL with Jean-Francois Glière (lighting engineer) and Michel Redolphi (Audionaut)

Scope of appointment : Scheme design

Lighting study for Antwerp zoo

Initially, Antwerp zoo was a garden of one hectare located immediately next to the station. Today, it is an 11 hectare site located in the heart of the urban fabric. This site, which is listed as a historic landmark contains numerous remarkable examples of architecture representative of the ‘‘belle époque’’ that exude an air of exoticism.

The concept is based on the landscape setting of the park, allowing it to be discovered in a gradual, intuitive and non-linear way. The visitors, defined as travellers, cross the different spaces via a succession of sequence shots which plunge them into a series of micro-climates. The main framework, constructed according to three nocturnal atmospheres, envisages improving the site by providing appropriate lighting for each location, without causing discomfort to the animals.