Lighting study for the “Communaux d’Ambilly” district at Thonex (Switzerland)


Client : Batima (Suisse) SA - C2I Comptoir d’Investissements Immobiliers SA

Years : 2014-2015

Design team : Radiance 35, ScPRL

Scope of appointment : Full appointment (scheme design)


Lighting study for the “Communaux d’Ambilly” district at Thonex (Switzerland)

The Communaux d’Ambilly (MICA) project involves the urbanisation of an area of approximately 36 hectares located in the municipality of Thônex. Access to the site is ensured by two new routes: a road link and a central road crossing the site. The buildings will be grouped in “urban fragments” on either side of the central axis. Green breaks will alternate with these built-up spaces, ensuring landscape continuities within the district.

“Lighting” considerations are taken into account at the different stages of the creation of this district, including the intermediate “construction site” phases.

The aims are:

  • To complement the landscaping and architectural project.
  • To mark the “urban-to-nature” transition by means of graded lighting according to a scale comprising 3 levels of brightness.  
  • To improve transversal connections through the new district (soft modes).
  • To present innovative street lighting design and management solutions (dimming, solar lighting).