Lighting scheme for place Cardinal Mercier in Jette

"In the heart of Jette"


Client: Municipality of Jette (Brussels)

Years : 2014-2015 (in progress)

Design team : Radiance 35, ScPRL

Scope of appointment: Full appointment (design and implementation)

Lighting scheme for place Cardinal Mercier in Jette

Following the Jette Lighting Plan submitted in 2012, a more detailed study was requested covering the (recently redeveloped) place Cardinal Mercier, with the aim of enhancing, as a structuring complex, its three key buildings, constructed during the second half of the 19th Century, in connection with the creation of the railway line under Leopold II, and for which a characteristic red brick was used.
The aim of the lighting scheme is to highlight the specific architectural features of each building within a coherent whole.
The Town Hall (listed building):

  • illumination of the belfry (distant view)
  • lighting of the silhouette and the decorative features
  • emphasising materials and decorative motifs.

The station (listed building):

  • emphasis of horizontality as a means of linking and guiding towards public transport

The church of Saint-Pierre:

  • illumination of the bell tower (distant view)
  • emphasis of buttresses and flying buttresses