Jette lighting plan (Brussels)

" Leaves, bricks and people..."


Client : Municipality of Jette (Brussels)

Year : 2012

Design team : Radiance 35 ScPRL

Scope of appointment : Full appointment (scheme design)

Jette lighting plan (Brussels)

The lighting plan has been produced in close collaboration with the municipal departments.

Walks were conducted by day and by night in the field. This not only constituted an excellent starting point and gave an enhanced vision of the municipality, but also created a “dynamic of appropriation of the study”.

The recommendations of this lighting plan set out a framework of key objectives that can serve as references for future projects.

Suggestions were made regarding the lighting of various locations chosen according to two defined categories: “Living environments” with their old roads, their squares and their shopping streets and “Landscapes” with the green spaces and the breaks that define them.

This was followed by a “micro-level” approach, focusing on “typical locations” within the municipality.

Finally, recommendations were made regarding the public street lighting.

Layer upon layer, step by step, the night-time territory of Jette is created... And the different users can take ownership of it.