Lighting scheme for the pont des Trous, Tournai

"Flickers on the water"


Client : Service public de Wallonie

Year : 2015 (in progress)

Design team: Radiance 35, ScPRL (subcontracted to Greisch consulting engineers - the lead designer)

Scope of assignment : assistance to the engineering consultant


Lighting scheme for the pont des Trous, Tournai

The Pont des Trous (listed) is one of the most prestigious remnants of medieval military architecture in Belgium and one of only three military river bridges still in existence in the world. Its side towers are original and date from the 13th Century. The centre section, which was rebuilt in the 20th Century, is due to be transformed, in a resolutely contemporary approach, to be adapted for the passage of larger boats, all in the context of the modernisation of the crossing of Tournai.
The lighting concept is in line with the scheme proposed by Greisch, the consulting engineers, to highlight this “duality” between the old and the new, between massiveness and transparency, between town and industry, with a link that unites them: the Scheldt River.
The lighting of the two main features adopts a specific language:

  • The towers: an enveloping and reassuring, soft and diffuse light emphasising their heritage status,
  • The “net”: a contemporary, more graphical feature, emphasising the “transparency” of the structure and its connection with the water. Inspired by the flickering light caused by the sun's rays reflecting on the water. Point lighting (small crosspieces) gently varying in brightness like ripples or waves, all in colder colours, linked to the water and the steel.