Lighting scheme for the Abbey of Saint-Amand-les-eaux (France)


Client : Municipality of Saint-Amand-les-Eaux

Year : 2015 (in progress)

Design team: Radiance 35 ScPRL, in conjunction with JNC International

Scope of assignment : Full appointment (design and implementation)

Lighting scheme for the Abbey of Saint-Amand-les-eaux (France)

Following numerous studies conducted on its town centre, the Mayor's office of Saint-Amand-les-Eaux chose Radiance35, in conjunction with the landscape architects of JNC, to completely redevelop the 4ha site of its abbey comprising:

  • the Grand-Place
  • the surroundings of the Abbey Tower
  • a public garden.

Forming an integral part if the town centre, this space, which is dedicated to tourism and cultural events, must play a part in the revitalisation and the development of Saint-Amand.
The scheme therefore proposes to combine a heritage-based approach with a commitment to stimulating the social activity of this major space.
The study therefore considered not only the showcasing of the Abbey Tower, which assumes pride of place at the centre of this space, but also the paths running through this urban fragment.
The abbey site should therefore become a defining and central night-time space once more, by perfectly integrating with the urban compositions present.