Lighting scheme for the Brest cable car (France)

"Between cloudy and clear skies"


Client: Sem Tram

Years : 2013-2015 (in progress)

Design team: Radiance 35, scprl (lighting design) – Avant-Première (transport design) – Michel Redolfi (sound design)

Scope of the appointment: Scheme design

Lighting scheme for the Brest cable car (France)

As part of its ambitious urban renewal policies, the city of Brest launched a project for a cable car linking the city centre with the future Capucins eco-district by over-sailing the Penfeld exhibition centre.
The Brest cable car provides feelings of comfort and safety, as well as pure emotion.
The external and internal lighting schemes play on these feelings.
The lighting study was carried out in two stages: first the cabins, then the central tower.
The concept is inspired by the unique local weather and its “luminous phenomena” that the Brest cable car an identity all its own.
The cabins are therefore decorated with the colours of the rainbow or seasonal moods. Inspired by luminotherapy, this provides a feeling of comfort and well-being on the inside of the cabin under grey skies.
The tower for its part symbolises the “coming together” of the elements: thunder, lightning, storms... A play of light is triggered as the cabins cross inside the tower, providing a unique sensory experience.