Lighting scheme for rue de Ribaucourt, Brussels


Client: Municipality of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

Year : 2015 (in progress)

Design team: Radiance 35 ScPRL, in conjunction with BUUR

Scope of appointment : Full appointment

Lighting scheme for rue de Ribaucourt, Brussels

The aim is to revitalise this major artery of Molenbeek and to connect the historic district with the maritime district, which are separated by boulevard Leopold II. We propose to provide continuous lighting between the two districts to give improved legibility to the artery as a whole without ignoring the particularities of the street.

A modification of the street lighting creates real urban continuity and improves the lighting sensations by adapting to suit the urban templates and uses found.

‘‘Coloured luminous clearings”’ mark the urban “breathing spaces” highlighted by the day-time scheme. Each location is identified by fun, decorative lighting. The two ends are emphasised to create light signals inviting the user to walk the entire length of the street.