Lighting scheme for the Bellevue district, Brussels

" Paths of colour "


Client : Municipality of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean (Brussels)

Years : 2014-2015

Design team : Radiance 35, ScPRL (in conjunction with Suède 36 architects)

Scope of appointment : Full appointment (design and implementation)

Lighting scheme for the Bellevue district, Brussels

The illumination of the neighbourhood falls within the scope of the ‘‘Cinéma-Bellevue’’ neighbourhood contract. It forms part of the overall redevelopment contract proposed by the Suède36 architectural practice. It has been developed in close collaboration with the architects, in order to ensure consistency with their other work within the area.

An exploratory night-time walk was organised beforehand in order to better meet the users’ expectations.

3 types of intervention on each of the lines of the Molenbeek “Pietro’’ (name given to the neighbourhood's pedestrian walkways, identified by colour, in reference to the metro lines):
• White light (replacement of sources)
• “Coloured façades”’ following the Pietro lines
• “One-off” lighting features in squares or parks