Lighting study for “Les Coteaux ” district, Mulhouse (France)


Client : City of Mulhouse

Years : 2009

Design team : Isabelle CORTEN and Sara CASTAGNE

Architect and Urban Designer : Agence Nicolas MICHELIN & Associés-ANMA

Scope of appointment : Scheme design

Lighting study for “Les Coteaux ” district, Mulhouse (France)

The Design Study for the “Les Coteaux” District in Mulhouse is part of a wide-ranging urban planning debate conducted by the urban designers of ANMA.

A district of over 3000 dwellings designed in 1958, in the great Corbusean tradition of “vertical cities”, equipped with a variety of amenities and located within a richly landscaped setting. The complex is now suffering urban degradation.

The lighting study will therefore seek, in close collaboration with the urban designers, and in consultation with the residents, to accurately analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the area, and to propose night-time improvements based on better visibility of the area, the enhancement of the nocturnal landscape, the lighting of building entrances and pathways.