Lausanne lighting plan (Switzerland)

" Lausanne it's gray, green and blue "


Client : Services Industriels de Lausanne

Years : 2011-2012

Design team : Radiance 35 (Isabelle CORTEN) and CONGO BLEU (Julien PAVILLARD)

Scope of appointment : Full appointment (scheme design)

Lausanne lighting plan (Switzerland)

The “new Lighting Plan” is based upon the previous one (Roland Jeol in 2000) while bringing it up to date with technical developments, new views on urban lighting design and a transversal approach towards the various public initiatives.

When gauging the site, the emphasis is placed on the life of the city: business areas, areas of presence, meeting areas or quiet areas. The angle is above all local: the aim is to create meaning for the inhabitants, enhance their neighbourhoods, pay attention to the smallest of details. These minor changes will transform the nocturnal image of the city, by proposing an ever-changing vision of light in the public space, for a city on the move.

For the heritage aspect of the plan, 3 to 5 historic locations will be developed, based on those selected for the previous Lighting Plan. The development of these sites will allow us to incorporate ideas on public lighting with those on the illumination of exceptional buildings, based on a human scale analysis.