Workshop in Sclessin, Liege


Client : City of Liège, Communauté Française, LUCI and private sponsors

Year : 2011

Organizers : SOCIAL LIGHT MOVEMENT : Isabelle Corten, Sharon Stammers, Martin Lupton, Joran Linder, Erik Olsson, Elettra Bordonaro

With the collaboration of 28 international trainees

Place : Sclessin

Workshop in Sclessin, Liege

“Light is a right, not a privilege”

The Social Light Movement crated in 2010, is organising its first workshop in Sclessin, Liege.

The main aim is to demonstrate the added value that light can bring to deprived neighbourhoods.

During 4 days the trainees worked in small groups of 4 or 5 on actual schemes at six locations in Sclessin (carrying out in-the-field reconnaissance and surveys by day and by night, interviewing inhabitants,  testing lighting equipment).

For the participants, the workshop constituted a genuine training opportunity based around the notion of social lighting.

The SLM workshop seeks to draw attention, mobilise public opinion, influence decision-makers and above all be a source of inspiration for everyone. It concluded with the presentation of the 6 projects and a “guerilla lighting” event ( in the streets of Sclessin.