Night exploratory walking


Organizer : Isabelle CORTEN (RADIANCE35 ScPRL)

Places : Lausanne, Brussels, Lille, Carouge, Pully, Neufchatel, Mulhouse,...


Night exploratory walking movie

"a different experience of the night"

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Night exploratory walking

The work of lighting designers and planners, in conjunction with the other actors of the urban space, is to consider how best to manage and allocate artificial lighting to support the night-time life.

While some designers continue to apply the «traditional» approach, Isabelle Corten is searching for new experiences, more in phase with current urban practices, and thus attempting to better understand the practices of its actors. 

What is proposed is a genuine collective experience. The march which can be performed on any type of project site, takes place in groups of about 10-20 people. The walk is open to all «users» of the public space, not only the residents, but also community leaders, elected representatives, architects working within the area, shopkeepers and the police. Together they roam at night, the area to be analyzed and accompanied by urban planners and sociologists who will collect their feelings.

It’s interesting to observe that the exploratory night walk itself has a positive effect on the perception of the neighbourhood: the residents of remote, frequently forgotten areas often have a negative opinion of their own neighbourhood. Taking a fresh look at their own environment is therefore already, in itself, a first step towards their re-appropriation of the area.