“Arbres et lumière” Festival 2011 in Geneva (Switzerland)

“ Re-sources ”


Client : City of Geneva

Year : 2011

Design team : Radiance 35 ScPRL

Sound : Erno

Scope of appointment : Full appointment (ephemeral project)

“Arbres et lumière” Festival 2011 in Geneva (Switzerland)

By day, just one sound, the wind in the tree. 

When night falls, the visual appearance of the tree changes, as do the different views we have of it. The light, of which it is the object and not the support underlines its uniqueness. All the symbolic aspects of the tree, its position in the environment, its history are revealed. This history is recounted in a succession of tableaux:

First the roots are lit, then the trunk, then the crown. The light then “spills over” onto the terrasse d’Agrippa, onto the ivy wall, the fountains, witnesses of history, the light becomes blindingly bright.

Then, darkness… it gets back its breath.

Then it starts again…