“Under the Bridges” sound, light and dance show in Liège


Client : les Manifestations liégeoises asbl (within the framework of LMC 2010)

Year : 2010

Design team : Isabelle CORTEN_Radiance 35, ScPRL (Lighting and general scenography), ERNO (Sound), Dominique DUSZYNSKI (Dances), Julien PAVILLARD (Artistic consultant), SCENEs et FIL (Costumes), ARTO (Technical)

Scope of appointment : Sound, light and dance

“Under the Bridges” sound, light and dance show in Liège

The show proposed along the banks of the river combines light, music and dance using tried and tested technical means, notably at international festivals such as the Festival of Lights in Lyon.

The actors involved in this project each use their form of artistic expression (light, sound and movement) to serve an original creation, which, despite its poetic dimension, also takes a critical look at society.

Based on the theme of “a fairer world”, the proposed show seeks to shine a light (literally and symbolically) on those who live “in the shadow”, those who live “under the bridges”, the city’s excluded population.

The show will take place immediately adjacent to the city centre, where it will be visible to all, from the footbridge linking the Outremeuse district to the city centre, all the way up to the esplanade and the facade of the Aquarium (Zoological Institute).