Concert Mozart’s Requiem in Saint-James church in Liège


Client : les Manifestations liégeoises asbl (within the framework of LMC 2010)

Year : 2010

Project team : Isabelle CORTEN and Julien PAVILLARD (artistic consultant), ARTO (technical consultant)

Scale of the mission : light and scenography

Concert Mozart’s Requiem in Saint-James church in Liège

Within the framework of the “Liège, Métropole Culture 2010″ (LMC 2010) event, Patrick Wilwerth, choirmaster of the Liege university choir, had the great idea of opening-up another area of collaboration to incorporate the stage-setting of the performance offered to the public.

The nature of the site invites this approach. Without any doubt, the architectural setting of St James’ church and Mozart’s Requiem constitute a raw material that aroused the interest of lighting designer Isabelle Corten who, when approached, was keen to take up the challenge.

It is within this context of dialogue that the lighting partition was added to the musical partition, to offer an exceptional stage that would highlight the architectural wonders of this religious edifice through a series of “light tableaux” designed with the necessary finesse for this meeting between the gothic architecture of the site and Mozart’s timeless music.