Mont des Arts illumination in Brussels

" and in the middle flowed a river "


Client : Philips

Year : 2010

Design team : Isabelle CORTEN (Radiance 35 ScPRL) et Julien PAVILLARD (Congo Bleu)

Scope of appointment : Full appointment (ephemeral project)

Mont des Arts illumination in Brussels

Philips the electrical company called upon the services of lighting designers Isabelle Corten and Julien Pavillard.
The challenges for this partnership were to temporarily replace the lighting of the Garden of the Mont des Arts in Brussels with mainly LED lighting, and to produce an artistic creation while respecting the garden’s plants.

The project is a nod to the history of the Mont des Arts and the landscape architect Jules Vacherot . Cascades of light are recreated, evoking the hanging garden.

Using tens of LED projectors and light sources installed in the bases and at the base of architectural elements, the Mont des Arts is bathed in a bluish light that recalls the water of a rive and its reflections. Thus, for the space of one night, another impression of the garden is created, that light alone can transform in an instant, as if by magic.