“Arbres et lumière” Festival 2009 in Geneva (Switzerland)

“ Bye bye Edison ”


Client : City of Geneva

Year : 2009

Design team : Radiance 35 ScPRL

Scope of appointment : Full appointment (ephemeral project)

“Arbres et lumière” Festival 2009 in Geneva (Switzerland)

On 22 October 1879, Thomas Edison invented the carbon filament light bulb.
130 years later, it is set to disappear.
The “Bye Bye Edison” reflects the desire of many lighting professionals to pay tribute to these incandescent lamps, to the beauty of their form and their light…

The large, powerful plane tree, receives this fragile bulb and gives it new life. Powered by photovoltaic panels, it recovers by night the energy stored during the day. The bulb relives again, consuming nothing…

The “last bulb” is surrounded by new generation LED bulbs, and sways gently in the breeze.