Lighting scheme for the Flémalle No. 3 pumping station


Client : A.I.D.E. (Inter-municipal association)

Year : 2015

Design team : Radiance 35, ScPRL

Scope of appointment: Partial assignment (preliminary scheme + trials)

Lighting scheme for the Flémalle No. 3 pumping station

The Flémalle pumping station had been chosen in the Lighting Plan of the municipality (study conducted in 2013 by Radiance 35) as a “distant blue landmark”. This category of features was chosen in order to stress the history and the topography of the area linked to water and to create landmarks that are visible from one side of the Meuse to the other.

Following the wish of the A.I.D.E. to illuminate this building, Radiance 35 proposed a concept design comprising three main lines of action:
- Graphic illumination of volumes, emphasising the representative horizontal lines of the architecture (cornice and canopy).
- Graphic illumination of the windows, emphasising their vertical dimension (reveals).
- Illumination of the tower from inside: white for the body and bluish for the top.
On-site trials were then conducted to determine the appropriate lighting equipment.