Lighting Plan for the Andenne Eco-District

" Andenne: recounting, connecting, innovating..."


Client : Bureau Economique de la Province de Namur

Years : 2013

Design team : Radiance 35, ScPRL

Scope of appointment : Full appointment (scheme design)

Lighting Plan for the Andenne Eco-District

The lighting study for the town centre of Andenne relates both the future eco-district and a broader area that includes both old Andenne and its shopping arteries. The main aim of this more global study is to ensure a better integration of the new district with the old centre.
The first stage is to draw a complete but nuanced portrait of the Andenne study zone. The data relating to the future layout of the eco-district are already incorporated.
The second stage is to formulate location-specific proposals, based on the characteristics noted in the previous phase. These proposals relate both to the “background” (the street lighting) and to the “landmarks” (the illuminations).

The aims are:
To recount the history of the centre of Andenne, between past and present.
To integrate the new district within the existing fabric by creating a connection, a common thread.
To present street lighting solutions that are innovative in terms of design and management.
Offer a fresh perspective of the town to the residents and other users, though a a mixture of experimentation and artistic interventions.
The project seeks to find genuinely innovative solutions with regard to sustainable development, whether at the level of the equipment, the sources or the fine programming of “night times”.