Lausanne CFF station approaches


Client : Swiss Federal Railways (C.F.F.)

Year : 2012

Design team: Radiance 35, ScPRL in collaboration with bfluid (Sonia LAVADINHO)

Scope of appointment : Full appointment (scheme design)

Lausanne CFF station approaches

The project involved thinking about how to improve the accessibility of Lausanne station, both from the outside towards the station and from the station towards the outside. It was carried out as part of the vast “Léman 2030” project (a scheme for improving rail connections within the Lake Geneva area by 2030) and covered both the station infrastructure itself and the adjacent surroundings.

All this in the middle of a fast-changing station, where the future transformations will have a major impact on its visibility and accessibility and where various representatives are working towards this future for Lausanne.

The complexity of the task was a genuine source of inspiration.
The study began with an analysis of the context before getting to the heart of the matter: how do we ensure that users can access the station or the town more easily after dark, or that they can get around the station better by day and by night?

Several methods were used, including an exploratory night-time walk.

Recommendations were then made for each pole of attraction, analysing for each what could be to the “background” (street lighting) as well as to the “vertical landmarks” which might better guide the user.
The study covers both the inside and the outside of the structure and also provides a few suggestions for accompanying the project at each stage.