Carouge Lighting Plan (Switzerland)

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Client: Town of Carouge

Years : 2014-2015

Design team: RADIANCE 35 ScPRL, in association with Bfluid (for the analysis)

Scope of appointment : Full appointment (scheme design)

Carouge Lighting Plan (Switzerland)

The design process comprises 3 “acts”: the analysis, the concept and the preliminary schemes (place du Marché, place de l’Octroi and the Tours-Noirettes sector)

The aim of the Lighting Plan is twofold:

  • To keep pace with the current rapid transformation of Carouge (numerous urban projects of all sizes and of varying time-scale).
  • To reconstitute the nocturnal territory, by simultaneously highlighting its historical features (the 18th Century “new town”), and the future (the new projects).   

The principle of “re-constitution” is to build up superimposing “layers”:

  • The “distant” landmarks layer - To single out the Carouge skyline
  • The “heritage” landmarks layer
  • The “near” landmarks layer - Creating ties between the neighbourhoods
  • The “background” layer: street lighting - To treat the background in a equitable manner

The study was further enhanced by two specific procedures:

  • An exploratory night walk in May 2014
  • A full-scale test of light fittings installed on the Promenades pedestrian walkway in September 2014 (for one year) with public consultation.