Flémalle lighting plan

"Flémalle, at the heart of the communities"


Client : Municipality of Flémalle

Years : 2013-2014

Design team : Radiance 35 ScPRL

Scope of appointment : Full appointment (scheme design)

Flémalle lighting plan

The study comprises 2 phases: Recommendations and Application which presents two preliminary schemes: the Centre and the Trixhes.

The Lighting Plan covers two levels of intervention, two superimposed and complementary “layers”:

  • the near view with the “entities” (reveal the homes, centres of the entities) and the “streets” (rethinking the street lighting): create a reassuring and comfortable atmosphere as well as landmarks, “milestones” along the route, giving directions and helping to understand the internal structure of the area.
  • the distant view with “blue” landmarks (stress the history and the topography that are related to water) and “green” landmarks (show the “green” side and its variety of landscapes).

Two preliminary schemes will then be produced showing how to apply the broad lines of the Lighting Plan in practice: in the Centre, in coordination with the master plan for the Grand’Route and in the Trixhes, in particular by using the night-time exploratory walk method, in conjunction with a participatory approach already in place in the neighbourhood.